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How to Choose the Optimal Content Length for SEO

What’s the high-quality content material duration for SEO? That’s in all likelihood one of the most asked questions of online marketers and content creators.

As you would possibly expect, the magic quantity varies pretty a bit depending on whom you ask. Don’t worry, even though. I’m here to assist by using sharing some ballpark numbers to goal for.


Let’s begin with a few studies from Hook Agency, which claims the first-class content length for search engine optimization in 2023 is between 1,760 and a couple of,four hundred phrases:


Let’s face it. That’s a variety of copy. So, here’s some other query: Is all that effort you put into writing your awesome posts worthwhile?

For many of us, it takes a solid two or three hours to create a chunk of right content that methods the two,000-phrase mark.

Is more content higher for search engine marketing? Or are you wasting it slow?


Few human beings can plop in their chairs, bust out a 2,000-word article in an hour, and get on with their day.

Could it’s that your 2,000-phrase articles aren’t even really worth the time and effort you put into them? I’ll solution that question for you.

Then, I’ll provide you with a surefire method for now not wasting some time whilst you write articles—a powerful technique to assist your articles rank on top.

If you’re ready to forestall losing time, begin rating excessive, and optimize your content material length for search engine marketing, study on.


Long vs. Short-Form Content: What Works Best?
Here’s a short solution: It depends to your purpose.


Every piece of content you post has a one of a kind reason.

Long-form content (generally over 1,000 words) can be notable for in-intensity articles, publications, and white papers. This form of content lets in you to dive deep into a subject, provide precious insights, and show off your know-how and information.

Additionally, lengthy-form content material has a tendency to perform higher in serps, however that doesn’t imply Google favors better phrase counts.

On the opposite hand, quick-shape content material (three hundred to 600 phrases) can be remarkable for social media posts, positive weblog posts, and e-mail newsletters. Short-form content helps you to deliver a message speedy and succinctly. It’s additionally extra shareable.


Now, in case you’re speakme about content period and SEO, the answer’s a bit greater complex.

Ahrefs shows you need to be asking what duration pleasant satisfies searchers’ wishes.

According to Ahrefs, the first-rate content material duration for search engine optimization depends on what’s rating. You additionally need to study what layout is rating (for instance, courses, listicles, or tutorials). From there, you can create a seek-focused define via identifying content gaps.


Ahrefs has a keyword explorer tool to assist with this, however you could favor to use Ubersuggest.

Aside from search engine marketing, creating content that resonates along with your target audience, affords cost, and aligns together with your desires is critical.

How Long Does It Take to Write a Long-shape Article?
Let’s do a little calculations.

Let’s say you write an article that’s 2,three hundred phrases lengthy. That’s the average period of my articles.

The average typing velocity is forty phrases in line with minute.

If you type with out stopping, you’ll whole your content material writing in only underneath an hour—57.5 minutes, to be specific.

If best it labored like that.

You’re no longer writing a group of phrases! You’re writing a well-researched article!


According to Wordstopages.Com, 2,three hundred phrases quantity to about five pages.

A well-researched, 5-page article calls for exponentially extra time.

According to Capitalize My Title, it is able to take 8.Three hours.

Now, due to the fact many people are at their most efficient handiest to 3 hours a day, producing an article like that could take all day Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday!


In my enjoy, there are a few excellent writers obtainable who can produce content in manner much less time.

Their “mystery” is the use of a mixture of raw ability, extreme consciousness, and familiarity with the subject count number.

Here’s the question: How lengthy does it take you to write down an in-depth article?

Orbit Media’s 2022 State of Blogging Survey suggests that it takes a median of 4 hours and 10 minutes to write down a weblog submit.

However, in line with Writesonic, a extremely good lengthy weblog submit can take six hours to write down. Not too lengthy, right?


In contrast, a few bloggers, just like the mega-successful Jon Morrow, take to 3 hours simply to put in writing his headline! One of his excellent articles took him over 50 hours to jot down!

Seth Godin, marketing god that he is, writes his articles in 15 mins (they’re sincerely brief). But research? That takes him 16 hours!

That leads me to a question.

How do you understand in case you’re wasting a while together with your cautiously honed search engine marketing copywriting and ideal prose? Maybe it takes you 10 hours to write down a 1,500-phrase article. Or maybe it takes hours. It may even take you a hundred hours, however who’s counting?


The maximum important question isn’t how long does it take.

The real query is: Are you spending it slow accurately?

If you’re spinning out 2,000 words without the proper recognition, then you’re in all likelihood now not spending it slow accurately. Let’s discover how to pleasant sport-plan your long-shape content material so that you can keep your consciousness on factor.

The Ideal Length for a Long-Form Article
Long-form articles are 1,000 phrases plus, in keeping with Search Engine Journal.

As for the correct duration, Wordstream’s research shows its exceptional-acting blogs during the last 3 years have a median of 2,seven-hundred to 3,000 words.

To make things (a touch bit) less complicated, Wordstream has those 3 rules for deciding the first-class period for lengthy-shape articles:


If doubtful, make it lengthy.
Above all, deliver fee.
Do your (keyword) studies.
What have to you’re taking from that? Well, you could usually intention for over 2,000 phrases just to avoid overthinking it. However, that might not be the satisfactory method—specifically if the concern be counted doesn’t warrant that many words or you can compete towards different pinnacle seek engine results web page (SERP) gamers by using writing a great deal much less.

Let’s dig deeper.

Is It a Waste of Time To Write Long Articles?
Wait just a minute. Before you begin putting your finger to the keyboard, is all this writing a waste of time?


Answer: Possibly.

I’ll give an explanation for why in a minute, however glaringly, it relies upon. After all:

No articles are the identical.
No writers are the same.
To parent out whether or not you’re wasting your time, you want to recognize the purpose of your article.

What is the purpose?

At a high stage, you want to make cash.
At a greater sensible stage, you likely need to get a whole lot of the proper type of site visitors.
At an even extra special stage, you want excessive scores for applicable key phrases.
Asking how lengthy it takes to jot down an editorial or whether or not more content is better for SEO are excellent questions. However, we additionally ought to apprehend the aim to answer them as it should be.


So, yes, if you’re cranking out 2,000 words without the proper plan in place, you are losing it slow!

You’ve possibly heard humans like me give an explanation for how essential it’s miles to write down lengthy-shape content material.

In reaction, you can write lengthy articles, looking ahead to that’s all it takes to get excessive ratings.


The problem? It doesn’t work that way.

Let me explain why within the subsequent segment.

Google Doesn’t Care About Word Count. It Cares About Three Other Things.
Let me reveal a shocking truth approximately Google’s algorithm, seek results, and content material period.

Data does not show that a large phrase remember produces better ratings.


Instead, we can display that a massive word count is correlated with higher ratings.

That’s why I write, teach, give an explanation for, and champion lengthy-shape content.

You’ve in all likelihood seen this statistics before, proper?

Longer content material receives more back-links.

Longer content material gets greater social stocks.

Longer content material generates more traffic.

Longer content sees higher social engagement.

And—this is the kicker—longer content material usually nets a better SERP ranking:


Most SEOs take this statistics and think, “Oh! I need to write greater!”

This is wherein I caution you against wasting a while. While having a longer content length for search engine optimization appears to be promising, there may be more to the image.

You can’t count on to truly write extra content material and get all the good things—better ratings, more oneway links, social shares, and social engagement.

Instead, you want to write better content. It’s extra important than ever inside the era of E-E-A-T and generative AI in seek.

“Better” content is generally longer, but it’s extra than just period.


In truth, the real motive for excessive-ranking content material isn’t the length of the content material at all.

For instance, let’s have a look at the top-ranked organic results for “content material advertising.”

The top result when I searched this morning turned into an article titled “What Is Content Marketing?” from the Content Marketing Institute blog.

The 2nd natural result is from MailChimp.

The third organic result is from you realize who, and it’s my publish referred to as “What Is Content Marketing, and Why Is It Important?”

This is a single example of a chief search term. According to Ahrefs keyword issue device, “content advertising” has a keyword issue degree of 84 (or first-rate difficult).

This method that you’ll want at least 455 stable one way links to have a risk to rank within the pinnacle 10 on Google.

There is an significant amount of extent and engagement for this seek time period.

Let’s attempt the lengthy-tail key-word “B2B content marketing strategy.”

What do the effects appear to be? Here’s the records from Ahrefs:

For an extended-tail informational query like “B2B content material advertising strategy,” we’d assume to get facts-rich, in-intensity articles.

True to shape, Google supplies simply that.

The first organic end result is from StoryChief. It’s a protracted-form 21-minute examine.

The article clocks in at a whopping four,415 phrases.

What’s the second natural end result?

It’s a three,288-phrase article from Semrush.

What’s occurring right here? Am I actually cherry-picking examples to push my time table?

No. In fact, I selected “content material marketing” key phrases to floor effects from the content material marketing community—writers and content material creators who agree with content period facilitates search engine marketing.

That absolutely earrings proper here. All the top natural articles are lengthy-shape. Does that inform us anything approximately the quality content material period for search engine marketing? Maybe. However, as I’ve stated earlier than, there may be more to excessive seek rankings than long-shape content.

When Is Short-Form Content Best?
Many don’t forget short-form content material to be a most of one,2 hundred phrases. Not Search Engine Journal, although, which contends 1,000 is the max.

Some kinds of writing are perfect for this, along with:

Quick tutorials/explainers
Opinion pieces
Short reviews
However, allow’s now not neglect social media posts, e-newsletter content material, and emails. Then there’s the boom in brief-shape video, that may assist put your content material at the map.

You also can use short-shape content material to satisfy seek motive and create brand consciousness.

Ideal Length For Short-Form Content
For written content material, you’re looking at fewer than 1,200 words. It’s difficult to discover an genuine candy spot due to the fact the takes range on what constitutes the “best” period.

However, if your primary challenge is the effect of content material duration for your search engine optimization, studies shows articles with fewer than 1,000 phrases internet an average of 3.Forty seven stocks and hyperlinks, even as 1,000- to 2,000-word portions common 6.92 hyperlinks and stocks.

For short-form motion pictures, the benchmark duration from Google is shorter than 10 minutes. In contrast, HubSpot says the overall consensus among entrepreneurs is below 60 seconds for brief form, with the right length falling within the 31- to 60-2nd range.

The takeaway from all this?

It’s the same with lengthy-shape pieces. Don’t depend on content duration simply for search engine optimization purposes. It’s just one issue.

Ultimately, the period of your content should align with your goals and the possibilities and behaviors of your target audience. Create first-rate content material that’s relevant to your target market, and make it as lengthy as it wishes to be.

Additionally, take into account the platform you’re posting on, the context of your content, and what you want your target audience to eliminate from it.

3 Characteristics Every Piece of Content You Write Should Have
If content material duration isn’t the finding out component in SEO, then what’s? There are 3 clear answers based on statistics:

1. The content wishes to be deep.

First, the content desires to be deep.

What do I mean?

I’ll explain, but first, permit me show you why depth subjects because so that it will help us understand what “deep” seems like through a actual-global example.

As I tackled this query, I achieved some in-depth evaluation using MarketMuse.

As an example of my analysis, I’ll display you my research of the pinnacle-ranked article from StoryChief.

Ready? Let’s dive in. As a refresher, this newsletter presently ranks number one organically for the “B2B content material advertising strategy” search query.

It’s superb lengthy. It clocks in at round four,415 words.

My query is, why does it rank so properly?!

First, I open up MarketMuse.

Then, I input the URL for the thing.

Second, I upload the quest query above because the “attention subject matter.”


Then I click “Run / Fetch.”

MarketMuse scours the net and analyzes hundreds—once in a while even lots, depending at the subject—of pages of content material to create a topic version of the 50 maximum-relevant topics that the professionals deal with while covering this situation.

It then creates a comparative score of the top 20 ranking pages against the version.

What’s interesting about this information is that the top 20 organic outcomes are everywhere in the board in terms of content period.

More thrilling is how the SERP has changed over time. When first published, a 1,500-phrase submit become the norm for this subject.

Not anymore.

However, you’ll notice that the content material rating has also accelerated, further to the phrase count going up.

That’s because deep content material is frequently lengthy with the aid of necessity. To cover as many applicable subjects as possible, you need to write more phrases.

2. The content material have to have comprehensive coverage.

Second, surely exact content material that ranks high will have complete coverage not just duration for SEO functions.


Comprehensiveness refers back to the kind of related topics that the thing discusses. While deep content strives for considerable mentions of applicable topics, complete content material objectives more mentions of associated subjects.

We analyzed this through comparing one piece of content material that scored extremely high within the “content material score” category.

In this example, the better-scoring content material noted subjects including the subsequent:

B2B content material advertising strategies
B2B marketing
Content creation
Content marketer
Brand cognizance
Educational content

The unique article we analyzed didn’t mention any of those subjects.

Covering the term “logo cognizance,” as simply one instance, could make the content material more complete, that may make contributions to a better rating.

Think for a second, even though: How a great deal content do you want to write down to your article to be considered particularly comprehensive?

Sure, it depends for your niche. However, in this situation, the maximum comprehensive article wasn’t even the longest!


Content doesn’t need to be exceptional long to rank nicely. Multiple elements make a contribution to rating, and phrase rely is not one in every of them.

But comprehensiveness is one among them, as a minimum according to Hummingbird algorithm studies.

And every now and then, to be complete, you have to have a lot of phrases.

3. Create content material around the topic (keyword) you want to rank for.

Keyword stuffing is a issue of the past.

Today, what works is honing in on a single subject matter and mentioning it repeatedly.

When you analyze the top result for a given keyword, you’ll be aware that the selected key-word appears a couple of instances and in more than one approaches within the content material.

For example, the key-word inside the article we’ve been using for example is right in the name.

Variations of the keyword are then dispensed at some point of the object and remarks:

B2B = 29 instances
Content = 133x
Strategy = 31x
Content Marketing = 42x
When I analyze keyword density, here’s what I see for unmarried keyword frequency.

The top 3 phrases are 1) content, 2) advertising and marketing, and 3) method.


I also analyzed the object for 2-phrase key-word density:

Notice again how “content advertising and marketing,” and “advertising and marketing strategy” are the pinnacle .


Finally, study the article’s three-word key-word density ratings:

Unsurprisingly, “content material advertising and marketing approach” has the highest frequency, with nine occurrences.

Proper planning lets in you to avoid keyword stuffing even as ensuring you may encompass lengthy-tail key phrases to assist power additional site visitors to your web page.

Ubersuggest is certainly one of many gear that will help you pick out the excellent lengthy-tail keywords in your content material. Here’s what you ought to do:

Step #1: Visit Ubersuggest, enter your seed key-word, and click on “seek.”

Step #2: Click “key-word ideas” at the left sidebar.

Step #three: Analyze the key-word ideas.

The first key-word on the list is your head key-word, which certainly has the best search extent. While you’ll use this keyword in your name and at some point of your content material, the actual planning starts offevolved as you select lengthy-tail key phrases.

When doing so, focus on the following:


Monthly seek volume
CPC (price according to click on)
search engine marketing (SD) issue
As a standard rule of thumb, search for key phrases with a excessive seek extent and CPC and a low SEO difficulty. This offers you the exceptional possibility to reach the top of the hunt scores, as excessive seek extent positions you to obtain a sizeable amount of visitors.

Although keyword stuffing is dead and key-word density ratios are overvalued in the post-Hummingbird generation, perhaps there’s something to be said for frequent and sundry usage of the point of interest topic.


How does content material duration have an effect on search engine marketing?
The courting among search engine marketing and content material duration receives plenty of dialogue online. Although Google doesn’t use duration as a rating thing, longer content material seems to rank better in search outcomes.

There can be several motives for this. For instance, longer content material usually offers extra price to the reader and is more likely to comprise the records the reader seeks. This ought to mean search engines like google recall your content more relevant to searchers.

Other elements, like extra key phrases, also can help longer articles rank. Also, remember the fact that readers can benefit more fee from a complete article.

Also make sure now not to miss content intensity, or how long and in-depth an internet page or article is, because it relates to SEO. In search engine marketing, content intensity is considered one of many elements that could make contributions to a page or put up’s overall performance in ratings.


What is the proper content length for search engine marketing?
HubSpot says the best content material length for SEO is 2,100 to two,four hundred words, in keeping with its facts. However, it also found that some blogs under 1,500 words performed well.

Can shorter content material still rank nicely in search engine optimization?
For certain. Just take into account to post high-quality content material relevant on your target audience that follows search engine marketing nice practices.

In summary, there may be no regulation that announces your content should be a sure period to rank well. However, it’s normally agreed that the exceptional content duration for search engine optimization is among 2,000 and three,000 words.


Many content material entrepreneurs spend lots of time creating content, and that’s desirable!

That said, length isn’t the simplest thing to target while creating content.

Data suggests that your content material need to follow these concepts:

The content need to be deep.
The content material ought to have complete coverage.
The content need to be centered on the topic (keyword) you want to rank for.
When you create content material with the ones 3 traits, you would possibly write a four,000-word article. Or it might be 1,000.


Either manner, it’s going to be good, and that’s what Google likes.

What do you locate is the exceptional content period for SEO?

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