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Bulk product optimization: e-commerce SEO tools and advice

Do you figure on an organization ecommerce web page? If so, possibilities are you have to optimize huge quantities of product pages the usage of a product records management (PIM) machine.


This article covers a step-by using-step bulk product optimization procedure for SEO, highlighting some Excel formulation and 1/3-party tools, which include ChatGPT and Grammarly, to help make the method cross quicker for name tags, meta descriptions and product copy optimization.


Managing and optimizing your ecommerce product statistics
I’ll use a few dummy PIM information for instance of my method. Depending on what you use to house your product data, you may have more or less product information requirements (columns), but the usual approach at the back of the manner must be the equal.
For my in-residence function, I do this based at the product launch agenda. Once I recognise the SKUs for a product launch and the reproduction is loaded into our PIM, I can begin my optimization technique.


Your commercial enterprise might also have a unique way to move about this, however once more, the strategy is the identical and you start with a bulk listing of product SKUs to optimize.


To begin this system, download the desired statistics from your PIM to optimize your listing of SKUs in Excel. Let’s begin with one of the most crucial on-web page search engine optimization elements: the identify tag.


Title tags
The nice way to formulate product web page name tags is to apply the product call observed with the aid of the business name or logo at the give up. For ecommerce, you would possibly additionally want to include shade and size (despite the fact that maximum of these pages should be blocked from search engines).


We’re no longer aiming for fancy keywords or advertising experiments to check performance hypotheses for bulk product optimization. We simply need to craft a relevant product name tag.

If you exported your records proper, you will already have a name tag column that’s empty. To start creating your product identify tags, kind =(reference the cellular with the product name). Pull the formulation for this cellular all the way right down to the bottom of your SKU list.
The critical subsequent step right here is to drag the formula all the manner down and then ensure to copy the cells and paste them as a fee (proper-click on and “paste as fee”) so you not have a components powering the mobile, but real textual content.


Product copy
For product reproduction, our intention is to make sure the grammar appears correct and discover possibilities to enhance with additional keywords that your emblem/advertising parents want your help with.


The purpose right here is to carry out key-word research first to apply keywords your customers use to explain the product. (You also can use ChatGPT to speed up your keyword research.)


The tool I use for this manner is called Grammarly. They have a pleasing Chrome extension that I use. To begin, sell off your product replica into Grammarly.


After reviewing your reproduction for a few seconds, it’ll provide grammar and spelling tips. Ensure you hit Accept for the grammar or spelling trade to replace your reproduction.
Note that I am handiest the usage of the unfastened version of Grammarly. With the top rate version, you can get right of entry to capabilities like figuring out passive voice and “wordy” sentences, which may be profitable for you.


Now that you have grammatically correct sentences, you can replica and paste this returned into your Excel report. Unfortunately, there is no speedy manner to get this finished for every SKU in order that a part of the technique will probably take you the longest. Once you’ve got gone via your complete SKU listing and updated the error-loose product reproduction, you can take a step back to paintings in your keywords.

If you’re like me, you have got a couple of product replica variations: one on your web page and one or numerous more for distributor web sites. You ought to try to make each version of the reproduction slightly one of a kind, as we realize that Google doesn’t rank reproduction reproduction properly.

Since running with logo or copywriting on this can be difficult, your flexibility on changing this may be hard. In addition to that, you’ll be limited on what facts you need to share with ChatGPT or different answers due to statistics privateness on merchandise that haven’t launched.
Meta descriptions
I love meta descriptions due to the fact I revel in seeing what ChatGPT creates. Its capability to jot down them has advanced regardless of the GPT three.Five version. (I haven’t visible a sizable excellent difference with the Plus version.)


If you want to experiment, bear in mind training an search engine optimization assistant GPT on writing meta descriptions.


To do this, I use the following spark off:


“Can you write me a meta description that is less than a hundred sixty five characters from the following text highlighting the principle product and its particular promoting proposition?”
I know meta descriptions are based totally on pixel width, but this receives the process completed. Ideally, we need to be in the direction of 155 characters or less.


After the initial activate, I would add the product replica in quotations and press input.


This has labored surprisingly nicely, and I use about eighty five-ninety five% of what ChatGPT generates. While I might reword some components, it typically captures the brand voice successfully. You could also specify your options whilst writing your prompt.


Below is what ChatGPT came up with for my “dummy” product reproduction. It ended up at one hundred fifty characters, that’s wonderful. I may tweak that final sentence as it seems a bit awkward.
Similar to advertising and marketing copy, I haven’t discovered a bulk approach that works for me. My process entails dealing with them individually.


If you have got similar merchandise, that is possibly, you may expedite this through reusing the “bones” of the meta description for different products in the institution.


Side be aware: It took me numerous years in my career earlier than I found out about the LEN Excel system for counting a cellular’s characters. So, for people who may not understand approximately it, you just kind =LEN(mobile you need to count) and hit input.


You now have the person rely of the referenced cell. Game-converting!


Also, make sure you don’t overlook to delete any cells with those formulation, as your PIM will possibly reject your record for upload.


Over to you
After finishing the process and reviewing it, you’re prepared to add it. It’s wise to double-take a look at that your modifications have been updated as meant.


My goal for this article is to be concise and realistic, supplying a hands-on walkthrough of my process. Hopefully, you’ll find some thing to decorate your very own methods or ignite new thoughts.


While I’m no longer an AI or Excel professional (is anyone?), I’m open to studying better or quicker techniques from others. Share your insights with me and the community! We all advantage from sharing and studying together.


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